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  Art - this is much less for us than we should understand from the language definition .
This "less" is about the volume sense. As art we consider te phenomena that arise on the margin  of the set we know - these are unclear, mysterious phenomena, difficult to systematize and evaluate. Outside the sphere of our interests, we leave  the so-called area works that the network of collectors is focused on, institutions badniczych, art criticism. Existing works  and those that will be created by filling in the blank collection places. bb3-bad5cf58d_bb3-8cf58d_bb3-8c19ost_en 136bad5cf58d_for a short moment between the external  reality and our intellectual condition  and mental, between consciousness and reflection. This is the moment of a particular concentration of consciousness where everything becomes possible, where there is a possibility of the beginning  and the end of everything.

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